Waste Wood Recycling and Disposal

Waste Wood Recycling

and Disposal

W u W Resource and Waste Management GmbH has been in the business of waste management for over 20 years, Europe-wide.  We collect and dispose of waste wood in the A I to A III classes professionally and on good conditions. Good quality waste wood will be used further by our partners in the wood products manufacturing sector and lesser quality waste wood will be used as fuel in incinerators.

We dispose of your waste wood so you reduce your waste disposal costs and makes it possible to further use these materials in a sustainable way – for example as a fuel or as a component in the making of particle board.

Our collection list – allowable waste disposal codes (AVV):

03 01 05 - sawdust; shavings; cuttings; wood; particle board and veneers
15 01 03 - wooden packaging
17 02 01 - wood
20 01 38 - wood other than that mentioned under 20 01 37

Waste wood will be utilized in accordance with waste wood recycling as A2 to A3 fuel and used in power stations as in the 17th regulation in the German Federal Emissions Protections Law (Verordnung über die Verbrennung und die Mitverbrennung von Abfällen - 17. BImSchV)

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WuW Core Competencies

  • 20 years‘ experience in waste management
  • Fast Europe-wide pick up and disposal

Our Customers

Building, demolition and transport companies, trades, wholesalers, municipalities (city waste management and recycling centres)