Plaste and Ytong Waste Recycling

Plaste and Ytong Waste Recycling

W u W Wertstoff und Wastehandel GmbH is a company that has been active in the field of waste disposal throughout Europe for over 20 years. We collect and dispose of gypsum and ytong waste professionally and at favourable conditions.

The gypsum-based waste (AVV Code 17 08 02) and Ytong-/Concrete waste (AVV Code 17 01 01) is recycled in landfills, road and path construction and filling layers. Furthermore, the recycling measures in the recultivation of old landfills, tailings piles and other deposits are supplied. Each of these measures is an authorised recovery measure. All authorisations shall be made available to the producer for his records.

The transports are carried out exclusively with the European transport documents Annex VII and a CMR consignment note. Receipt and recovery shall be confirmed by the user in boxes 13 and 14 of Annex VII. This written confirmation shall be made available to each producer per transport.

Reference is made to single-variety loading. The point of origin is responsible for the purity of the variety!

The transports are operated under the Basel Code 2040 agreed in Europe. (see excerpt below)

Other wastes of mainly inorganic components: partially purified calcium sulphate from flue gas desulphurisation / gypsum board waste from the demolition of buildings / chemically stabilised slag with a high iron content (over 20%) from copper production, treated according to industry specifications (e.g.B. DIN 4301 and DIN 8201), especially for use as building material and abrasive / solid sulphur / calcium carbonate from the production of calcium cyanamide (pH (lt) 9) / sodium, potassium and calcium chlorides / carborundum (silicon carbide) / concrete fragments / lithium tantalum glass scrap and lithium niobium glass scrap.

Source: Federal Environment Ministry

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