Hard plastics - material recycling (Europe-wide)

Hard plastics - material recycling


W u W Wertstoff und Wastehandel GmbH is a company that has been active in the field of waste disposal throughout Europe for over 20 years.

We collect & hard plastics of various fractions - professionally and at favourable conditions.

We sort the hard plastics and recycle them as secondary raw materials.

IBC containers, drums, canisters - loose or pressed

  • The containers were filled with non-hazardous substances, then it is sufficient to empty them completely.
  • The containers were filled with dangerous substances, such as acids, ether, alcohol, etc. A rinsing certificate must be attached to this fraction.

In principle, the lids must be removed from these containers, but can also be delivered in extra packaging.


  • Either de-tached and demetallized
  • Or with axle and not demetallized
  • Loose or in bales, completely emptied

Plastic crates no longer usable

  • Aus der Bäckerei, Obstkisten, Fleischerei oder Getränkekisten

PE pipes

  • PE 80 + 100 pipes

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We would be pleased to take over the disposal of plastics for you (Europe-wide)!

WuW Core Competencies

  • 20 years‘ experience in waste management
  • Fast Europe-wide pick up and disposal

Our Customers

Building, demolition and transport companies, trades, wholesalers, municipalities (city waste management and recycling centres)